Fourth Born Music

Fourth Born is James Stephens' primary project. Releasing Alternative Rock tracks from out of Steepsol Studio's.

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“Last Cigarette” is the first single to be released under “Fourth Born” with many more to come. Stay tuned to hear more from this artist!

order Lyrica from canada James Stephens is a Wasaga Beach based Artist from Ontario, Canada.

He began playing guitar at the age of 12 and was instantly a natural when it came to learning songs by ear.

From then on his musical journey took way. This led him to his first band formation in 2009. At which point, he started writing his own material.

James’ natural ear for music sparked his immediate and obsessive interest in writing his own compositions.

It’s been a long road of experimenting with song-writing for James. But the journey has paid off as his unique sound is now meticulously showcased at his emotionally driven live performances.

This artist’ grabs hold of your attention with his impressive live instrumentation, as well as his stylistic, and soulful voice.

It is a new age for the music industry, and fully independent musicians are becoming much more common. James is a prime example of a 100% independent musician. He can easily be considered an audio engineer, videographer, as well as producer. There aren’t many avenues that Stephens’ hasn’t covered in terms of developing the proper skills to stay afloat in the industry.  He is also an exceptional drummer, piano player, bass guitarist, mandolin player, and banjo player.

James has an impressive arsenal of around 100 cover songs, all of which are geared toward his own preference in music and writing; Indie/alternative.

He takes songs by Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chet Faker, The Killers, and even Johnny Cash and successfully makes them his own.

As an Audio Engineer, James owns all of his own, Industry Standard live sound gear, and is readily available to transport it with his Cargo Van. All this and he will also be delivering top notch, professional quality sound production for any venue. Whether it be a small quiet vibe bar or pub, or a full sized music venue.

Consider all of your worries and concerns taken care of with this artist performing at your venue.

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